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The Importance of a Logo for your Business

« It’s just a logo, nothing important »… if you have ever said that, let me tell you that you couldn’t be further from the truth. A logo is that kind of thing that you think you don’t notice but it can have a huge impact on your business’ success. The colours, the font, the symbol… they all have a deep meaning, even when you don’t realize it.

You can try to create your logo yourself. But, having your logo done by a branding expert or a professional designer has many benefits. Professionals are used to give a personality to a brand through a logo.

Here are reasons why a logo of quality can bring a lot to your business:

1. First impression

It only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo. Your logo is often the first thing people see about your brand. It will determine the impact of your business on someone’s mind.

To create an impact, the font, the colour, the size, every aspect of your logo should be thoroughly and carefully thought. People should get the personality of your brand.

For example, Nike’s logo points to one direction with movement. It shows determination and actions. It suits a sport brand perfectly.

People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone. (

Do you feel like your logo catches potential customers’ eyes?

2. Build your brand personality

Giving a personality to your brand is crucial for your business’s success and there are many ways to do that. But let’s focus on the logo.

Your logo expresses who your brand is graphically and visually. According to Optimal Targeting, our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. So, it is a big asset for your business to have a logo that represents it well.

a. Colours

When buying a product, 93% of buyer focus on brand colour ( Colours is the factor that you can’t omit for the creation of the logo.

Every colour has a different meaning:

  • Blue represents wisdom, calm, sophistication and trust. According to the LogoFactory, 33% of the top brand’s logos use the colour blue. It’s the most used colour because it goes with the feeling of loyalty and professionalism. That’s why it’s used a lot amongst healthcare and medical brands.

  • Red represents passion, excitement, energy, warmth and comfort. It is the second most used colour with 29% of the top brand’s logos using it. Red is a good colour option for your logo if your brand is defined as young and energetic.

  • Yellow represents friendliness, comfort and relaxation. 13% of the top brand’s logos use yellow or gold colours. Yellow is often chosen for brands in the food industry. For example, McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks, friendly companies that are targeting young people.

  • Black or grey represents elegance, innovation and power. 28% of the top brand’s logos use black or grayscale colours. An example of those brand would be Apple: an innovative, technology-driven company. It shows that it is a serious brand.

Colour is a huge factor in brand recognition. A signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80% (like the Starbucks green). So, I would strongly suggest choosing the right colour and not picking out one randomly.

b. Fonts

There also is an entire psychology behind the font used in a logo:

Serif are fonts that represent a certain type of authority and knowledge thanks to its old school style. It’s the most classic type and conveys a sense of reliability. This type of font is often used for serious companies such as academical or editorial ones.


Slab serif is a type font that shares confidence and establishment. Often used by automobiles companies or technological ones, it demonstrates solidity.


Sans serif is a very simple font that goes straight to the point. It’s used by some luxurious brands to demonstrate simplicity and cleanliness. It can also show a futuristic image.


Script font are rounded letters looking like a handwriting. Because of that, it invokes a sense of creativity and closeness with the consumer. Sometimes, this font can be hard to read so you have to be careful while using it.


Display fonts are the most personalised ones. The font isn’t the writing itself, it becomes the logo. You have the ability to make it unique. The personality of this font depends on how you will create it.

3. Brand loyalty

According to E-consultancy cross channel marketing report of 2013, 70% of companies say it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one. So let’s focus on that. If you want to retain your current consumers, it’s important to show them that you are present. If they can’t remember you or even find you, they won’t be able to be loyal.

Your logo must be used across multiple media channels. It should be re-designed for your social media or even your signature at the end of an e-mail. It needs to be adaptable for your current customers to easily find you and be loyal.

4. Stand out from the competition

Having a well-designed and original logo distinguishes you from the competition. Note that people remember 80% of images, versus 20% of text and 10% of sound ( So your logo being different will more likely be the one that people will remember.

Through your logo, you express your company’s values and missions. Don’t be scared about being different. Being different sometimes also means being better. If your competitors mostly have black logo, it could be a good idea to have a different colour logo. You could make it green if you want to share your sustainable values for example.

It is also a way to give your company credibility compared to your competitors. You show that you have the resources to have a quality logo.


To conclude, logos are a determining aspect of your performance as a business. First, they make your target market become one of your customers. When they have become one, it retains them and create loyalty. Plus, you will stand out from your competitors which will bring you even more sales.

Your logo is a big part of your brand identity. It has to be carefully thought out with specific fonts and colours.

Do you want to create or improve your logo to bring the best to your business? Get in touch with Sierra Marketing now!

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