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October 28, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI), what is it? The technology used by many industries is raging at the moment and has been for several years. Also referred to as the 4th industrial revolution, AI reforms our jobs and consumers’ behaviour.

In the world of marketing, artificia...

October 3, 2019

Who is your brand? Would you know how to define it? Of course, you have an idea, but do your consumers know it too? Today, 65% of people that feel an emotional connection to a brand, and say it’s because “they care about people like me”, so having a defined and well-im...

September 10, 2019

When you think of a reputation, it can take you back to high-school. The endless pursuit of trying to please everyone by looking, acting, thinking and speaking a certain way, all so that you can be accepted and ultimately, fit in. For brands and businesses, it can feel...

August 15, 2019

Will Australian consumers switch to your brand if it’s associated with a good cause?

Research states that 58% of them will

Cause marketing is a relatively modern marketing strategy that has taken the world by storm. You may be asking yourself, what is cause marketing and...

July 18, 2019

What started as a way to connect families and friends online has evolved into a way to connect brands with consumers. With the growing number of new platforms of interactions, the world has entered a new social revolution that has altered the way we interact online.


February 18, 2019

More than ever technology is playing a major role in our everyday lives. Digital innovations continue to increase, making it difficult for organisations to keep their marketing strategies up to date with the latest trends. It's vital that new developments are explored...

February 6, 2019

Developments in social media are changing every month. It is vital you adjust your social media strategy based on data, insights and trends within the industry landscape and consumer behaviour so your posts convert into impressions, engagement and targeted reach. As th...

January 24, 2019

Video marketing has seen significant growth over the last few years, in fact, in 2019 over 80% of all online traffic will include video content.

January 4, 2019

When it comes to presenting facts, figures and statistics, infographics have grown to become one of the best mediums. Humans are highly visual individuals. Infographics are likely to be read 30% more than text with just plain copy. One of the main reasons for this is b...

August 8, 2018

With the emergence of social media, investing in modern and effective marketing strategies is crucial to ensure any marketing campaign’s success.  In comparison to traditional marketing, influencer marketing puts its focus on influential people rather than the target m...

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