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5 Tips To Help Your Business Stand Out During the Holidays

Every business needs to be aware that during the holidays, consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of messages that are thrown their way. How does a business stand out when all the messages are holiday related? Marketing plans need to be strategic and exceptionally clever to resonate with consumers.

So… in the spirit of the holidays, we figure what better gift to give you than a rundown of tips and strategies that will help your business get the most out of the holiday season!


Holiday season is all about human interaction. Lively parties, shopping mall battles, or perhaps a little kiss under the mistletoe! Regardless, during the holidays people want to feel. Brands need to find an identity. Giving a personality to your brand places the brand right under the mistletoe with their consumer, tailoring a message that reaches them directly.

2. BE (mobile) FRIENDLY

Not only is having a kick-ass website important this time of year, your site needs to be mobile friendly. This is where consumers compare prices. For example, Lucy may just give in and buy that toy truck for her son online because 1) the physical store is low in stock or 2) the competitor’s website site was not mobile friendly, and she couldn’t check the price. This is a common missed opportunity for many businesses without a mobile-friendly site.


Once again, email campaigns work. If you haven’t started to market your product for the holidays, create an email campaign. You would be reaching an audience who are practically expecting to receive an offer or deal from you, and you can do this efficiently and quickly.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important as the market becomes more competitive, especially over the holidays. Brands need to navigate the challenging landscape of search engines, ensuring that their organisation is at the top of the listings. Whether this is done in house, or outsourced, staying on top of SEO is key to driving any marketing brand strategy. For more on SEO, check out our 3-part series.


Most importantly it’s time to get your plan in motion. Many Australians are already shopping, and the rest are at least in the planning stages. This is your chance. Your audience is looking for help with their purchase decisions and are actively searching for answers.

Now that you’ve read this article, and are equipped with the knowledge and guidelines for a successful holiday campaign, let’s get the ball rolling!


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