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How to motivate your team

People are the most important and valuable resources of a company. However, depending on the company, employees can provide a completely different level of work. This is due to the overall team spirit and the motivation that their manager gives them. The importance of creating and maintaining a spirit of enthusiasm amongst employees is dramatic and any smart leader should take this into account. At our core, we are a company composed of people, so we feel passionate about this subject and provide the following tips on team motivation.

1. Communicate with your staff

Communication is the key to involve people in the company and increase their motivation to do their best. Speaking to your team about results or organisational vision is an excellent way to make them realise what their position is within the company and how their work impacts the success of the organisation. The leader’s role is to offer to their employees a bigger picture of the company’s purpose and include everyone in its achievement. There is no doubt that if every member of the team feels that their work can make a difference; their involvement will be enhanced.

2. Appreciate employee’s work

One of the greatest needs we have as individuals, and especially as employees, is to be appreciated. Sincere appreciation is one of the best rewards and can make employees feel really appreciated. Once again, as a leader, you should recognise the contribution of employees as it will make them feel more valued and appreciated.

3. Encourage innovation and improvement

Involving your employees in the company’s innovation has many benefits. First, it will make them feel listened to and important, so it will encourage them to be more engaged in your operations. Then, since innovation is challenging, it will interest and engage people as well as create a sense of healthy competition. As you can see, innovation will only improve employee’s work ethic and motivation. Just be sure to keep your employees involved, or at least updated, on the status of the innovations that they helped to come up with.

4. Offer opportunities to evolve

Giving your team the opportunity to learn new things and improve their skills will prevent them from feeling bored or demotivated. On top of this, it will ensure that your employees skills are relevant and up-to-date. Plus, today’s business environment is evolving so quickly that learning has become indispensable. The benefits of giving employees the opportunity to evolve are numerous. Also, having a well trained team is essential not only for the wellbeing of the members of your company but also for the quality of the work that they will produce.

5. Celebrate each success

Sometimes, we are so focused on the long term objectives that we forget to celebrate the everyday successes. This is actually a very bad habit! Each team or individual achievement is worth celebrating. It gives your employees the proof that their work is having an impact and is valued. Taking the time to reward each success can also refresh and revitalise your staff.

Motivating your team might not be your first objective but you should definitely consider it as team moral encourages staff to produce a better quality of work and increase their productivity. Your company could only enjoy the benefits of an energised team!


Clémence Barthélemy

Clémence is a Junior Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra team, Clémence got to experience the various facets of marketing. Her work at Sierra Marketing mostly focuses on online marketing, social media and community management. Through Clémence’s work for different clients, she found a passion for digital marketing.

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