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How to effectively influence your niche market online

Your product or service is particularly attractive to a specific market, that’s your niche. Finding your niche and understanding it, is at the core of a successful marketing campaign.

Niche marketing has been around for decades, the fundamentals are: concentrate your audience, and you’ll gain better traction and participation. Niche marketing for your business or service is about selecting an individual product that you have on offer, defining its requirement for an intended audience and then directly targeting or funnelling advertising to that specific demographic while still offering broader appeal to a more general audience that comes across it.

So how do you find the audience of people or businesses that are specific to your niche and then advertise or interact with them directly in a digital context? How do you penetrate through the din of competition on search and social in a more efficient, productive and preferably lucrative way?

Online niche marketing is in a fascinating and lucrative time, and the ‘influencer’ is heading to the top of the list for any niche marketing requisite. If chosen correctly you can achieve a real connection and grow your opportunities in a way that is very specific to your product or service and create and or cement a loyal base for you to scale and grow.

The Do’s

Utilise your online presence correctly through a cohesive and complementary brand that incorporates your website, socials and online media. You want to showcase a consistent voice across all platforms and concentrate on specific audience interactions. You can develop trust and increase awareness through your base of ‘real’ users that you have organically grown over time. It takes a while, if you want real users, consider in the time of around two years of consistent quality publishing on all your sites and socials to get real traction.

And Dont’s

Never buy likes or social interactions that do nothing other than increasing a number, it will only look good briefly and do nothing for your campaign but come back and bite you later when you want to use real analytics and data. Spammy “stuff” is to be avoided at all cost! Go easy on the interactions; one important post on a semi-regular basis will do more than many filler posts on an overly regular basis.

For a quick fix to get that instant hit of likes, shares or attention that is closer to organic and a slightly larger budget option - opt for a one-off influencer who’ll tweet your wares unashamedly for a payment or two. There’s a niche influencer for virtually every product or service.


Sam Bloch

A media inhaling tech junkie with an entrepreneurial past in retail, food operations, contract catering and event management, Sam now manages client’s relationships and creates digital content at Sierra Marketing.

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