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How to make your company better known in 6 easy steps

In today’s day and age, there are so many ways to make your company known. However, to make your company better known, there are a few key points to follow.

1. Determine a name and define your key messages

Your company needs a name and this is a huge consideration point. Everyone is going to see and hear about your name, so the name of your company will have an enormous impact on how your customers and investors see you. The name must be catchy, significant, meaningful, unforgettable, remarkable and short. It is one of the most important decisions you will make.

When coming up with a name, keep in mind that you’ll want to make it easy to pronounce and to remember, otherwise people are just going to forget it.

Do you know “The Law of the three syllables”?

If a name is more than three syllables long, it will be abbreviated or reduced to initials in popular usage. Our agency, for example, is ‘Sierra Marketing’ however we commonly go by “Sierra” as this is just three syllables. All the big companies follow this rule as you can see with Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Snapchat, Tinder, SamSung, etc. They all stuck to short names and look at their results.

2. Be unique

You must be different from your competitors, so that people can remember you.

Being different is not necessarily selling something truly innovative, it is more the position that is different in the mind of your customers. This process is called the USP or Unique Selling Point.

“A feature of a product that makes it different from and better than other similar products and that can be emphasised in advertisements for the product”

Cambridge dictionary

When coming up with your Unique Selling Point, you should ask yourself several questions such as:

"How am I different from my competitors?"

"Why would a customer go to my business rather than another?"

“What are the pros and cons of my business?”

“What impression do I want the others to have of my company?“

The response to these questions will help you come up with your USP and your communication plan.

Once you have your unique selling point, there are a lot of ways to make your company better known. Depending on your company purpose, some communication methods are more suitable than others.

3. Communication to the general public

To communicate on mass, there are a few options. An inexpensive means is to produce flyers, however this does not suit every company. It depends on the image you want to send back to the world. Flyers are interesting if they are well targeted, if the distribution is hand-to-hand, and if it invites immediate action and the action is easy to achieve.

For example, Foodora distribute flyers to people aged 15 to 40 in shopping malls, offering them a discount on their next order.

Brochures are also something that are good for companies to consider as they better explain your products and services. They can be more efficient and less limiting than flyers, however they often work well in conjunction with flyers as a can offer a specific special or promotion, whereas a brochure will display your full range.

Business cards are also important to communicate your details and can easily be affixed to your flyers and brochures.

4. Communication on the internet

The first thing is to have your OWN website, even if you don’t have a lot of money, there’s free software on which you can create your website as Wix, Wordpress, Square Space and many more.

With your website, it’s important to have more than just information about your products and services. In order to be ranked organically in search engines like Google, you will also need to embrace SEO and write articles in your website’s blog. You can find out more about that here.

Nowadays, everyone uses social networks, so it is important to have a presence on them in order to reach your customers and potential customers. The best thing about social networks is that they are simple to use and free! They are a mine of potential customers and represent an unprecedented opportunity to reach your core target while expanding your market.

Another channel you should be utilising is online directories and as a bonus, most of them are free. The most important ones are The Yellow Pages and Google My Business. Once you’re listed on Google My Business, there are a whole host of other Google services you will be able to use.

5. Communication at events

The purpose of doing events is to highlight the personality and expertise of your company. The benefits of events is that you meet new people and you can identify partners, customers and suppliers. A downside is that they can be costly and time-consuming, so consider running an event in conjunction with another company. This way, you will share the costs and the benefits.

You can either participate in an event or create an event yourself. If you have just launched your company, participating could be a better idea as it’s cheaper. Depending on the event, there is the possibility to network and mingle with opinion leaders, journalists, bloggers, and even potential partners and clients.

Some event ideas to promote your business includes:

  1. Participation in fairs, trade shows or the general public

  2. Organising or participating in conferences / conferences/ exhibitions/ open days

  3. Guerilla marketing and street marketing

  4. Organising workshops or free trainings

  5. Opening a pop-up shop

6. Direct Marketing

There are many ways to use direct marketing to help promote your business. These can include email marketing, direct mail (snail mail), cold calling, text messages and door-to-door. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, so do your research to see what it working for your competition and what you think you could do better, then try a mixture of direct marketing methods if necessary to find what works for you!

For more information on how to make your company better known, get in touch!


Carla Cacciatore

Junior Marketing Intern

Carla is a junior marketing assistant who loves the link between marketing and companies. She is passionate about marketing, organising events, creative fictitious companies and being a member of associations.



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