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Social Media Tools you should be using for your business

In the following article, we’re going to show you how you can improve your business by using social networks. In many cases, when a business ceases to operate, it is largely due to the wrong target group being reached. To ensure that your business is reaching the right people, at the right time and with the right message, you can use social media. With social media, you have the chance to reach a large number of people in a short period of time, which can instantly increase your popularity and reach. On social networks, you also have the possibility to place ads to raise awareness of your business, and these ads are guaranteed to reach your target audience if you set them up correctly.

1. LinkedIn

The career-network LinkedIn is mainly used to maintain business-contacts and build up new business-relationships. With LinkedIn, you can create a virtual CV, publish articles and connect with like-minded professionals. LinkedIn is a great business tool and widely used for activities like recruiting staff members, sharing company updates, or maintaining and creating business connections throughout your industry. Calling themselves the “Knowledge-Network for Decision maker”, LinkedIn mainly focuses on experts and no other social network is as business-based as LinkedIn, giving you the most possibilities to enhance your business performance. Stay in touch with your business partners by posting data and keep up to date with what is going on in your Industry. The worldwide user amount is at around half a billion, so if your business is not on LinkedIn, now is the time! LinkedIn is also the number one publishing platform in the world, making it an excellent platform to share your message.

2. Facebook

Where would social media be without Facebook? We can’t do a list without the mother of all social networks. Facebook still is a terrific multifunctional platform not only for private users, but also for companies to publish content about their products and get in touch with their customers. The globally most-used social media platform offers advertising and an email system for companies. Don’t forget about the calendar and event function as well as the timeline to show the development of your company. In Facebook Groups it’s easy to find your target audience, so this is an avenue that businesses should be exploring. Facebook has so many possibilities for your business reach and popularity to grow. To try and understand what works best for your business, get in touch!

3. Twitter

The most popular short message provider on the planet may also be part of your way to success. By using the limited-text-feature to bring your message to your audience, you ensure that what you are saying is concise and easily digested by your audience. Twitter has become more popular and has been revised a couple of times to make it more user-friendly.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a visual content platform. You can easily post and share images, infographics or videos about your company and your products. On Instagram, you can use ads to place your company and products right into the hands of millions of users. You also have the option of connecting with bloggers and influencers who will share your products with their network. Instagram also has a business analytics function where you can review the performance of your account. All the functions that Instagram offers allow you to create and manage an eye-catching business account, improving and expanding your reach and reputation.

5. YouTube

Youtube is another powerful social media tool. The video streaming platform is part of the Google network and beneficial for individuals and businesses alike. With the human attention span less than 8 seconds, video is a great way to captivate your audience and provide them with useful information about your products and services!

Social media is definitely the way of the future and it represents the key to your target market. When starting your social media journey, remember to create sites that raise awareness and are truly remarkable. Like any business activity, your social media needs a strategy. Look for sites that complement your business and have users who interact the way you want yours to. If you strategically undertake activities, there is a good chance of your accounts growing. However, keep in mind that social media is a long-term project, so don’t expect results over night! For more information on social media strategy, or for a review of your current activity, get in touch!


Jan Lemke

Junior Marketing Assistant

Jan is a Junior Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra team, Jan got to experience the various facets of marketing and is passionate about delivering excellent customer service. His work at Sierra Marketing mostly focuses on online marketing, social media and content management/production. At Sierra Marketing Jan has the opportunity to work across a range of clients and industries.

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