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3 digital marketing activities that generate leads

You probably already know that nowadays, content marketing is the key to an effective marketing strategy. Indeed, accurate and interesting content adds value to your website and helps you get found on search engine but even more important, it has the power to generate leads. However, the quality and the amount of leads depends dramatically on the type of content you’re using on your website. That’s the reason why we think that every marketer should have an idea of the top content to produce in order to generate qualified leads!

1. E-Book

An e-book is frequently the first contact between a client and yourself. Consequently, it’s important that you deliver the information promised on your landing page or website. Otherwise, readers will be disappointed and your relationship with them will probably end straight away. Moreover, an e-book is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills so you can reinforce your brand reputation and acquire market share. Of course, the most overlooked aspect of creating an e-book is the email addresses you can collect thanks to it if you use an opt-in form. The success of an e-book for lead generation depends on the attractiveness of your landing page where readers find information on the content and decide if it’s worth giving you their email address or not.

2. Webinar

Hosting a webinar has two main benefits: driving traffic to your website and allowing you to collect email addresses. The principle is the same as for the e-book; if you want people to give you their details and their time, the webinar must be relevant to your audience and catch their attention. It comes as no surprise that the speaker has a large importance in the success of the event, so choose someone who is an expert on the topic and will lend credibility to your company. It’s ideal if the topic of the webinar is very similar to your main realm of activity as this will mean that your leads will be highly qualified. As a bonus, remember to record the webinar in order to provide a copy to registrants in case they couldn’t attend.

3. Case studies

Case studies can tell success stories about a product, a service, or a solution found to a problem. If you want people to evolve from passive readers to active buyers, it’s important to make sure your case studies are informative and engaging. Mixed multimedia content makes case studies more appealing and easier to remember for readers. Charts and graphs are also useful, as they illustrate what you’re saying and easily catch the reader’s attention.

All in all, it’s important to bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to generate leads through content marketing. Depending on the nature and the purpose of your business, one method could be more effective than another. However, never lose sight on the fact that there are many ways to use content to generate leads, so be smart!


Clémence Barthélemy

Junior Marketing Assistant

Clémence is a Junior Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra team, Clémence got to experience the various facets of marketing. Her work at Sierra Marketing mostly focuses on online marketing, social media and community management. Through Clémence’s work for different clients, she found a passion for digital marketing.

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