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How to produce the best content for your business

Content marketing is more than advertising, it is about getting your business known and understood. No matter how advanced marketing technology and social media is, great content is still the king for any marketing strategy, especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Ultimately, what you are marketing is what is in your content. Now it’s your turn to create the best content for your business!

Original Content

Create original content!

High-quality content has many characteristics, among which the most important one is originality. That is, what you write should be your original idea so as to be favoured by google search. What this also means is that even if you have an original idea but you want to promote the content on multiple platforms, you’ll need to re-write it for each to avoid duplicate content.

Original content does not necessarily mean that it is new. Rather, you can give a professional opinion on a certain topic, which is your original take. You can also talk about the same topic from a different perspective, this would give you the opportunity to produce unique content.

If you could provide an in-depth discussion, you may be able to stimulate deeper reflection in your audience. You can also play up your perspective by bringing your own experiences with the topic at hand. Sharing your own experience not only helps your content stay original, more importantly, it humanises your content and makes it easier for the reader to relate to.

Create strong headlines

You may have written mind-blowing articles, yet if no one clicks on the link to read about it, all your great effort would have gone in vain! According to a research conducted by Copyblogger, 80% of the people online would read your title, but only 20% out of the 80% would actually read what is under the title. This principle applies to your content in any form, it does not matter whether you are choosing the headline for blogs, articles or even videos.

To create a better title for your content, there are different elements to consider. For example, you may conclude triggering words like “what”, “why” or “how”, because this is usually how internet users would type into the search box when they are looking for specific answers. The length of your title is also crucial, if it is too long, many people won’t bother to click through. For Google, it typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, which would also give you the opportunity to capture long-tailed keywords (those 3-4 word phrases that are very specific to exactly what you are marketing).

Write answers people are searching for

The ultimate goal for a search engine is to provide answers. When people type a topic into a search box on Goggle, Yahoo or any other search engine, they expect to find something that can provide relevant information to their search. If they click on your article and only find outdated and irrelevant information, they will bounce to the next search result.

No matter what content you produce, you always need to make sure you know who will be interested in reading your content. Having a thorough picture of your target audience helps to create optimal content. People often google for advice and answers, and your target audience is no different. For your expertise fields, you need to know what your audiences are curious about, and update your content constantly to keep up with the changing demand.

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Cassie Zhou

Cassie is a Junior Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Cassie is passionate about conducting market research and delivering excellent customer service. Joining the Sierra team has enabled Cassie to work on varied aspects of marketing including social media, market research, content marketing and digital marketing.

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