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5 Reasons to Bet on Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Consumers are tired of ads, and tired of being saturated with meaningless images that clutter their visual environment. But without ads, how do you reach your audience? Through content marketing!

Content marketing provides a perfect way to deliver the right message to your consumers and in a way that they are more likely to be receptive of it. If you’re not sure if you should pursue content marketing, read on for a few of our reasons why we think any business should.

Most people don't like advertising

Many consumers will use a digital recorder to avoid television ads, or watch their favourite programs online. Often, consumers don’t even look at magazines advertisements. Classic ads are not as powerful as they used to be, so new ways to get your product talked about are needed. Content marketing is one of these ways!

A buyer wants to have information on a product, not just imagery

When a customer is able to access valuable information, they feel as though they have an in depth knowledge of the product that they are about to buy.

The possibility to address more segments of the market

According to the type of media that you use, content can be made accessible for different consumer segments, such as parents, students, teenagers, retirees or home owners, to name a few. Whether you use a vanity brand, a website, social media, or other kinds of media, content provides a straightforward way to target one particular consumer segment.

Content conveys the idea that the brand offers valuable information, and therefore valuable products

Content helps to create a better image of a product, as well as helping to foster consumer loyalty through ample information. Unlike advertising, content marketing provides an opportunity for companies to go into more details about their products, which is a good way to make customers feel thoroughly informed.

You own the media!

Content marketing is a perfect example of “owned media”. Content allows you the freedom to publish it on your own website and social channels, as well as seeding it in relevant locations.

At Sierra Marketing, we work as an extension of your business to help you reach your goals and enhance your ability to reach your audience. To discuss your marketing needs, get in touch with us!


Elena Di Benedetto

Elena is a Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra Team, Elena got to experience life at a marketing agency. With a strong passion for writing, Elena contributes to a range of blogs. At Sierra Marketing Elena has the opportunity to work across a range of clients and industries.

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