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As a company as well as an individual, reaching your goals is what empowers you, and what will drive you towards success. But to reach your goals, it’s fundamental to think step by step. First, establish stimulating objectives, which are how much of what will be accomplished by when. So, how do you stack all of the odds in your favour in order to reach your goals? Well, that’s easy: your objectives have to be SMART!


Try not to make broad goals such as, “Everything has to be bigger” or “I want the company to have better products”. These kinds of objectives are too general to be achieved as they can’t even be defined properly. So, prioritise objectives that are relative to one specific part of the business or of the product, and ban the words “bigger” and “better”!


As well as being specific, your objectives need to be measurable. Why? So you can evaluate at some point how your progression went. This can be observable through the amount of products bought during the last month, a number of followers on Facebook or Twitter, or even through a survey to observe how potential customers perceived you as a company or one of your products!


What is the point of saying “I want more than 50million followers on my company Facebook page” if the product you sell is specific to a small customer community, which counts only 200,000 potentials buyers? You’ll just be disappointed that you are not able to achieve your objective, and that will stop your motivation to get closer to your goals.


Often linked with attainability, this part is about taking the context in which your goal takes place into consideration. However, that doesn’t mean that it should prevent you from choosing challenging objectives! An objective should always be higher than what you are sure you can achieve, as this pushes you and gives you something to work towards!


Don’t define an objective without a time limit! Without a set timeframe, it’s unlike that you’ll be as motivated. So, absolutely define a timeframe in order to be able to check how things have been evolving.


Elena Di Benedetto

Elena is a Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra Team, Elena got to experience life at a marketing agency. With a strong passion for writing, Elena contributes to a range of blogs. At Sierra Marketing Elena has the opportunity to work across a range of clients and industries.

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