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Rules you must follow to succeed on social media - PART 2 Twitter

The first part of this series gave you tips for Facebook. Now in this post, I am focusing on the rules that you must follow to do well on Twitter.

Follow and be followed, retweet and be retweeted

Reciprocity is the key to building a strong network on Twitter (and most social media). The more you invest time in others and show them that you care about them, the more they will invest time in you and show interest in you.

Schedule your best tweets strategically

Traffic on Twitter varies constantly and it is critical to schedule your best tweets at the best time for them to be visible to your audience. Traditionally the best time is towards the end of the working day, between 3pm and 5pm, and weekdays appear to be far busier than weekends.

Don’t focus on selling

Twitter is a place to build relationships, if you focus on selling constantly no one will follow you. You have to focus on the connections, building rapport, and posting content with perceived value, then the cash will follow.

Add value

Even if you are not a content creator you can add value by sharing content in relation to your business and the interests of your audience. The more value that you are able to add, the more people will perceive you as a valuable person/business to follow. Research people and businesses that share good information, follow them and share their best content. Screen the best blogs and newspapers to find good content to share.

Keep it pro and relevant to your business

Although conversational tweets with daily updates of your personal activities are entertaining on a personal account, they do not provide value to a professional account. Try not to spam twitter.


Pauline Aubineau

Pauline is a Junior Marketing Assistant at Sierra Marketing. Joining the Sierra Team, Pauline got to experience the role of a marketing agency and different aspects of marketing including strategic marketing, online marketing and direct marketing. Pauline found herself a passion for online marketing, social media and community management in particular. At Sierra Marketing Pauline worked on online marketing for the Study Network Australia campaign.

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