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5 important things you can learn from your customers

In today's fast paced business environment, it’s very important to grow steadily. There are many ways for businesses to grow and one of the most valuable is growing through its customers. Here are 5 ways to enhance and grow your business through the opinions and experiences of your customers.

#1 Current Products/Services

Your customers are your best resource to know if your products and/or services are performing at their best or if there is room for improvement. Using online surveys, customer feedback reports, online chats, or using a contact centre can allow you to know what your customers really want and how they are experiencing your products and services. This valuable feedback can surly provide your business with the opportunity to adapt and adjust to your customers. When an issue is detected, you would be wise to address it promptly, otherwise you may risk losing your current and potentially some future customers.

#2 New Products/Services

Customers who provide suggestions to new products or services should be recognized as very valuable customers. If they take their time to think about your business and provide you with valuable feedback, they are showing you that they want to be loyal to your business. Customer loyalty is a very valuable asset for any business and can sometimes take years to achieve. Show them your appreciation and keep them for life. When they are excited and talk about their experience to their friends and family, this will help attract new customers for your business.

#3 Improve Customer Experience

When customers talk about your brand or business, you should always listen closely. The value of their opinion is greater than ever before and by taking it to heart you can start to truly understand your customer-base. You want to make sure that your customers associate “positively” with your brand which can increase your sales and their customer satisfaction.

#4 Competition

Another factor that promotes growth in your business is to know what your competitors are up to. The insights your customers have on your competitors can help you analyse your customer’s needs. This would allow you to take relevant actions to become better than your competitors to service your customers better than anyone. This can give your business a distinct market advantage.

#5 Identifying Super-Customers

Super-Customers are customers who make repeat purchases and are continuously engaging with your business. Through your CRM or other tracking systems you can quickly identify who your Super-Customers are. Once identified, focus on them. Listen to them. Do your very best to keep them loyal to your brand as they can account for approximately 80% of your sales revenue.

When you concentrate on the information you receive by your customers, you will know what you do well and where you need to work a little harder. Overall, this will help your business increase sales and keep your customers happy, making them into loyal customers or “Super-Customers”.

Of course, there many other ways to increase your business growth. Learning from your customers is one of the most valuable and not very difficult or expensive (relatively speaking). Take the time and effort and your business will be greatly rewarded.

If you still have other questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us!


Ramon Romani

Ramon joined the Sierra Marketing team as a Junior Marketing Assistant. Through his work and experiences at Sierra he has developed a love of social media, digital advertising and online marketing. Every day he aims to meet and exceed the needs of clients.

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