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Case Study Production

How can Saniflo engage and better convert their B2B clients?

Saniflo offers top of the range products in their industry. To engage their target market and increase their sales conversion, Sierra creates case studies that perfectly illustrate the quality of the Saniflo range, the possible product applications and the user’s experience.


The case studies produced are used across multiple channels including:

  • As a printed 1 pager that forms part of the brand and product portfolio for sales reps to share with their clients

  • On display at events, trade shows and at Saniflo's own trade events

  • As a digital document, available online on the Saniflo website and shareable as an email attachment

  • As a story on social media, mostly on Linkedin for the B2B audience

  • As content in the newsletter, which is sent to existing and prospective clients


  • Case Study Production

  • Imagery

"Throughout our time with Sierra Marketing, we have found their experience and level of service to be outstanding."

Matthieu Esprit - Managing Director of Saniflo Australasia.

Saniflo Ormeggio Restaurant
Saniflo Dental Clinic
Saniflo Dental Clinic 2
Saniflo Child Care Centre
Saniflo Child Care Centre
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