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Customer Management Campaign

How can LINK engage and communicate with its buyers to ensure settlements are completed on time?

Sierra Marketing worked closely with LINK to ensure that the settlement stage for two of their Sydney based developments went as smoothly as possible for both the developer and the purchasers.

With a dedicated team of consultants, Sierra Marketing was able to complete the project ahead of schedule, in just under three weeks. LINK was thrilled with the outcome. Sierra Marketing’s efficiency was the result of a number of key factors:

  • A clear process (process maps and call scripts).

  • Clear project objectives.

  • Sierra’s team set-up of English, Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

  • Open communication channels with the client.

During the campaign, Sierra’s fully trained, professional consultants took purchaser through a four stage process to ensure that they were ready for settlement, and promptly answered any queries that they had along the way.

Stage 1: Confirm purchaser details and any financing requirement.

Stage 2: Confirm the bank valuation is booked or complete.

Stage 3: Ensure buyers are aware of their settlement dates and arrange pre-settlement ‘Inspection Day’.

Stage 4: Final confirmation that the buyer is ready to settle.

At completion of the campaign, LINK were very impressed by the efficiency and speed and responsiveness with which Sierra Marketing completed the campaign. An important factor to the success of the campaign was the open lines of communication between LINK and Sierra which meant that any issues were addressed and resolved swiftly.

"The team at Sierra Marketing were highly adaptable to our needs. The execution of our outbound campaign was extremely efficient and we were very impressed with their level of service and engagement.”

Yen Truong - Special Projects Director, LINK

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