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Marketing and Communication Strategies

How can Landcare NSW implement more effective marketing and communication strategies that raise brand awareness and increase engagement with the brand?

Sierra Marketing was appointed on a retainer basis to support the Landcare NSW team with their marketing strategy and implementation of marketing activities across different aspects of marketing and communication.

Sierra's Approach

  • Integrated marketing approach

  • One-on-one strategy sessions with the CEO 

  • Presentation to the board 

  • Team huddles with key stakeholders

  • Monthly review and recommendation reports

  • Agile methodology



  • Marketing strategy and marketing plan

  • Marketing collateral, digital and print

  • Event planning and coordination

  • Search marketing strategy

  • Search marketing management, SEO and SEM

  • Email marketing planning and execution

  • Social media planning and content production

Landcare - Marketing collateral
Landcare - Marketing collateral 2
Landcare - SEM
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